Pesem severnega vetra


The album Songs of the Northern wind is a collection of songs written for female choirs by composers from the northern edges of Europe (from the British Isles in the West, towards the East by the way of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia). The album is divided into three thematic parts: musica sacra, poems set to music, and songs with folk music influences.


September, 2013.


1 – O. Gjeilo: Ubi Caritas

2 – B. Britten: There Is No Rose

3 – B. Britten: Balulalow

4 – G. Holst: Ave Maria

5 – E. Grieg: Margretes Vuggesang

6 – A. Berglund, U. Andersson: Ljusa Kvällar Om Våren

7 – V. Tormis: Laulusild

8 – K. Rehnqvist: I Himmelen

9 – V. Tormis: Kasikivimang

10 – J. Mäntvjärvi: El Hambo DD

11 – J. M. Førde: Safari

12 – R. Gobec: Ne Ouri, Ne Sejaj

13 – A. Čopi:  Šćë Wtićäcë So Snëwalë

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